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Packaging materials

Packing tape has appeared on the packaging market relatively recently. But already steadily took his position. Used throughout Ukraine. Thanks to its properties has become indispensable in many areas. This universal packaging material is extremely durable, resistant to mechanical damage and tearing. It is made of a thin polymer tape, which is applied to a quality acrylic adhesive base. Due to this, it reliably glues various packages with the goods. It helps to seamlessly fasten the edges of the package without damaging its appearance. Most often, such packaging material is packed with corrugated cardboard boxes, but its versatility lies in the fact that they can pack many more things, both at work and at home. Colored scotch, without changing its properties, allows you to distinguish the color of this or that kind of product.

Such material guarantees maximum strength, flexibility and safety of the package. Can be used at such temperatures from -10C to + 30C. While retaining its properties.

Our company can offer different kinds of this material, which withstands tensile, high loads, without losing its properties under low and high temperature conditions, to solve any issues of packaging of goods.

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