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Plastic pallets

Our company offers the best solution in the packaging and storage of your goods. We offer except wooden, as well as plastic pallets.

Plastic pallets. In a short time, this container proved itself well. And not for nothing. Because it is a reliable, economic and environmental means in the storage and transportation of goods of various types. We have been working with this container for a long time, and therefore we will choose the best option for you. You can get help in solving your question by contacting us. We will provide you with comprehensive information on each type of our product, and we will help you make a choice.

Advantages of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are quite hardy, with great potential, have long service lines and are easy to use. These pallets do not absorb any smells and liquids, they are easy to disinfect (wash well). Also, they are resistant to atmospheric phenomena (moisture and ultraviolet rays), do not emit harmful substances, withstand sufficiently different temperatures from -30C to + 70C. Therefore, they can be used in various conditions, even on the street. They are in fact the most reliable container for the transport of various goods. Such pallets are resistant to mechanical attack, exposure to bacteria, pests and putrefaction, so they can serve for a very long time. And this is a big saving. Because you can use these pallets many times.

It is extremely easy to store plastic pallets. They can be compactly folded, and they will not take up much space.

OSTTOR PALLETS produces quality plastic pallets in Chernivtsi. We are always open for cooperation and will be glad to see you in the person of our partners and customers!

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