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Purchase of pallets

OSTTOR PALLETS buys pallets:

  • We buy new and used pallets of different grades and sizes, if you have more than 50 pallets, we will arrive, estimate the pallets and remove them;
  • It is also possible to purchase euro-pallets of non-standard shapes and sizes. It is desirable to pre-specify the details; We buy broken and pallets requiring repair;
  • We execute urgent orders carrying out fast loading of the goods;
  • Prices depend on the quality, construction, condition of the pallets, their quantity and terms of delivery. The payment of pallets is carried out in full and without delay;
  • For regular customers we offer special conditions for cooperation.

Purchase of palletsFor corporate clients (retailers, distributors, manufacturers):

  • We carry out the purchase of pallets from warehouses of retail chains and from distributors with photo-fixation, which allows you not to be present at the place of loading;
  • Our forwarder will sort the pallets in your territory and provide a photo report;
  • Export of the reverse packaging from the territories of distributors and outlets with quality control.

For individuals:

You can independently bring the pallets to one of our warehouses and get the best price.

For pallet manufacturers:

  • We carry out the purchase of pallets according to the drawings;
  • We conclude a contract for long-term cooperation. Them at you.

OSTTOR PALLETS guarantees strict and precise fulfillment of contractual obligations and absence of tax risks!

Individual approach and flexible price policy
Always only the highest quality products
Reliable partner. On the market since 2006
The largest supplier of pallets and transport packages in western Ukraine